MAD Solutions

'But I don't want to go among MAD people,' said Alice. 'Oh, you can't help that,' said the cat. 'We're all MAD here.'

Lewis Carroll

“Some are born MAD, some achieve MADness, and some have MADness thrust upon 'em.”

Emilie Autumn

“Crazy people are considered MAD by the rest of the society only because their intelligence isn't understood.”

Weihui Zhou

“We are all born MAD. Some remain so.”

Samuel Beckett

MAD Marketing

MAD Marketing provides comprehensive marketing strategies for the film and entertainment industry. Its core business grew out of providing eye-catching, innovative and highly effective PR services, including:

• Press Releases
• Press Kits
• Print and online Newsletters
• Notifications
• Print and online Greetings
• Print and online Invitations
• Local, regional, and international publicity solutions; including film festivals across the globe
• Media Monitoring and Analysis
• Social Media activation, managing and analysis plans

MAD Celebrity

Recognizing the need for more Arab talents to achieve recognition on a regional and international basis, MAD Celebrity will be working closely with the celebrities it represents to achieve the following:
• Build bespoke strategies and public-image approaches that would act as the foundation for the image-positioning of the celebrity locally, regionally and internationally
• Publicity management throughout the calendar year, i.e on or off the set, during film festivals, panel discussions, humanitarian efforts, etc.
• Celebrity Image Consultant - help celebrities and artists look good onstage, on film, on television, etc.
• Press Preparations
• Media Monitoring and Analysis
• Social Media activation, managing and analysis plans

MAD Content

MAD Content provides bilingual content across a multitude of channels, including editorial and design expressions for regional and international media across various platforms such as:

• TV Programs
• Mobile applications for smartphones and tablets
• Websites
• Print Media (Magazines & Newspapers)
• E-Magazines
• News Agencies

• MAD Content enjoys an extensive network of researchers across the globe providing bilingual research services for:
- Films (features, documentaries, shorts, animation)
- Books
- TV content (series, programs, talk shows, etc…)
- Various Media channels including, print and electronic media

MAD Distribution

MAD Distribution operates in film & TV distribution niches currently not being served in the Arab-speaking-world. In doing so, MAD Distribution addresses an urgent market problem faced by the growing number of award-winning independent Arab filmmakers whose works face major challenges in being seen in theatres outside the festival circuit where they have achieved acclaim and collected numerous prizes. International films from the world’s other filmmaking regions is also be part of the company’s distribution mix.

The film distribution network includes film theatres, DVDs, TV channels, online, VOD, airlines and cruise boats. MAD Distribution will protect the creative rights and intellectual property of its clients through its intricate system of Legal Screening Monitoring.

MAD Culture

MAD Culture’s goal is to spearhead the cultural development of the Arab film and entertainment industry through Film Education, affiliations with regional and global cultural institutions and the creation of contemporary platforms for film and entertainment aficionados and professionals to help deliver their art form to audiences worldwide:

• Film Education programs
• Screenings of selected film projects at cultural and educational institutions
• Consultation on regional and global film festivals
• Creation and implementation of content for and through lectures, conferences, workshops, panel discussions and user-immersive presentations

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