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El Adl Group Starts Shooting the New TV Drama Sunset Oasis by Director Kamla Abouzekri

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Based on Bahaa Taher's Most Popular Novel

El Adl Group Starts Shooting the New TV Drama Sunset Oasis by Director Kamla Abouzekri

El Adl Group revealed the beginning of shooting the new TV drama Sunset Oasis by Kamla Abouzekri on Saturday, December 3. The TV series is based on the novel under the same title by notable writer Bahaa Taher, winner of the International Prize for Arabic Fiction (IPAF) in 2008. The series is scheduled to premiere on TV during Ramadan 2017.

Some scenes of Sunset Oasis are set to be filmed in the White Desert, which is now a protectorate, making it the first film to be shot there. Stretching out across an area of more than 3000 square kilometers, the White Desert got its name from the white color that covers most of its parts, comprehending boulders of white formations sculpted by the harsh desert winds into strange shapes that constantly change over time.

The TV drama is set in the 19th century against the backdrop of the abortive Urabi revolution, when a police officer (Khaled El Nabawy), who is a supporter of the revolution, is transferred to theSiwa Oasis, following a procedure that seemed honorary, while it is actually a penalty. Accompanied by his Irish wife, who is fond of ancient monuments (Menna Shalaby), they together find themselves in an unsafe place in the middle of a war between the people of the Oasis.

Sunset Oasis features an all-star cast, including; Menna Shalaby, Khaled El Nabawy, Ahmed Magdy, Sayed Ragab, along with Jordanian star Rakeen Saad, Lebanese actress Carole El Hajj, and the adept actress Ragaa Hussien. The TV drama is scripted by Mariam Naoum, based on BahaaTaher's novel, and directed by Kamla Abouzekri.

The new TV dramaSunset Oasis marks the second cooperation between El AdlGroup, director Kamla Abouzekri, and screenwriter Mariam Naoum after the TV hitWomen's Prison that achieved a great success in 2014. The TV drama is the fifth time for El AdlGroup and screenwriter Mariam Naoum to work together after the TV series Bel Shama al-Ahmar (Sealing Wax), Segn El Nesaa (Women's Prison), Taht El Saytara (Under Control), and Soqoot Hor (Free Fall). It also marks the fourth cooperation between Abouzekri and Naoum after the two TV series Bent Esmaha Zaat (A Girl Named Zat), and Women's Prison, as well as the film One-Zero.

Director Kamla Abouzekri's filmography includes; One-Zero (2009), which competed at many international film festivals such as the Venice Film Festival and received more than 45 awards, Heads and Tails (2006), An Al Eshq Wal Hawa (2006), and A Day For Women (2016). As for TV dramas, Abouzekri directed Bent Esmaha Zaat (A Girl Called Zaat) (2013), and Segn El Nesaa (Women's Prison) (2014) that achieved the top most-watched TV dramas during Ramadan season.