International Media Sheds Light on Film Clinic's Activities in Cannes Film Festival

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Revealed News on the Launching of a New Media Power House and New Upcoming Projects

International Media Sheds Light on Film Clinic's Activities in Cannes Film Festival

Coinciding with its 10th anniversary, Film Clinic has caught the attention of the international media through its diverse activities at Cannes Film Festival. The company has been part of the 2nd edition of Arab Cinema Center (ACC), organized by MAD Solutions within its venue in the Film Market of the festival (Le March├ę du Film). Within this context, Film Clinic has announced its collaboration with Fortress Capital Investments in Dubai to establish a Dubai-based production company that will operate under the name Fortress Film Clinic, and revealed new upcoming film projects.

Film Clinic's revelation of its upcoming line-up of new films has attracted international media at Cannes; Clash by director and scriptwriter Mohamed Diab; two Palestinian films namely Arab Idol by the Academy Awards nominee Hany Abu-Assad and Catch the Moon by Sameh Zobai Before the Summer Crowd by Mohamed Khan; The Curve by Rifqi Assaf and Al Shaikh Jackson that is still in screenplay-writing stage.

The French Le Film Francais Magazine focused on Film Clinic's 10th anniversary and its new upcoming co-production projects: Clash in collaboration with Pyramide Films of the French producer/distributer Eric Lagesse, and Arab Idol by the Palestinian director Hany Abu-Assad which is a joint co-production with Fortress Film Clinic. Commenting on this, Mohamed Hefzy stated, "Fortress Film Clinic will definitely help to develop better Cinema projects and films, but will also give me the chance to explore other directions and options."

French magazine Ecran Total described Film Clinic's expansionary step in film productions beyond Egypt and the Arab world as a "big ambition". The magazine also hailed the company's co-production films such as; the Emirati film From A to B and the American thriller The Pyramid and the co-founding of Fortress Film Clinic. Hefzy says, "We aim to produce 5 to 6 films a year, targeting the international and regional markets alike; in addition, to producing high quality TV programing. Fortress Film Clinic is determined at finding and helping young emerging talents and on actively looking for Project that aims to seduce and entertain."

Variety's reporter Nick Vivarelli shed light on the new production arm of Film Clinic stating: "The move not only opens up new opportunities for Arab directors, but also potentially for English-language projects, and certainly for international co-productions with the Arab world."

Vivarelli added that Fortress Film Clinic "marks the first film venture of this type set up between an oil-rich fund in the UAE, where the film industry is in its infancy, and Egypt, which has a storied cinematic past."

He went on highlighting Film Clinic founder Mohamed Hefzy's statement, "The new joint venture should become a pretty big player in the region and roughly 60% of the resources will go to making quality films that can travel all over the world."

In another article about the activities of Dubai International Film Festival in Le March├ę du Film,film market of Cannes, Variety highlighted Film Clinic's co-production with The Imaginarium Films in The Curve by Jordanian director Rifqi Assaf as a step reflects the Arab promising productions recently.

About the collaboration of European producers with their counterparts in the Arab world creating a new wave of Arab film, Variety shed light in their article on Clash by director/scriptwriter Mohamed Diab. Variety quoted Hefzy's statement, "People in Europe are more interested in what's happening in the Arab world, or maybe Arab producers are getting more guidance from all the co-production markets they go to, so they know how to approach European funds and European producers."

During Cannes, Belgian Cineuropa interviewed Hefzy about the possibility of co-production projects between Egypt and European countries. Hefzy pointed to his joint co-foundation of the new slate Fortress Film Clinic; part of its work is producing European films. About his advice to European producers for production in Egypt, he stressed that most important is to find a story suits the Egyptians, and find out the nature of the market that is producing the film.