Musk Takes Part in Jagran Film Festival's Tour in Mumbai

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Following its Commercial Release in Three Arab Countries

Musk Takes Part in Jagran Film Festival's Tour in Mumbai

Directed by Humaid Alsuwaidi, Musk has been officially selected for the second time to participate in the 10th festival tour of the Jagran Film Festival that takes place from September 26 to 29 in Mumbai, India. The film previously participated in the festival tour of Jagran Festival held at New Delhi, last July.

Most recently, Musk has been commercially released in three different countries: UAE, Bahrain and Kuwait, starting Thursday, August 29. The film has been released in 28 theatres in its homeland, the UAE, and in two theatres in each of Kuwait and Bahrain. The film will hit theaters in more Arab countries soon.

To watch the film's teaser trailer, please visit the following link:

Jagran Film Festival (JFF) is the biggest travelling film festival in the world. JFF aims to create a culture of cinema appreciation, in addition to establishing a platform that delivers great content to audiences all over the world.

Winner of the Best Film award at the Al Ain Film Festival, Musk recently took part in the Festival International du Cinéma de la Diversité Taza in Morocco. The film also screened at the Emirates Short Film Festival and the Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi. Musk landed its world premiere at the 15th Festival International du Film Transsaharien de Zagora in Morocco.

After giving up a promising career in museum management to attend to his ailing father, Ahmed spends his days managing the family's dying perfume business. This sacrifice and his divorce have made him cynical about human nature and this manifests itself in his relationship with Abdulrahman, his aloof 12-year-old son. Father and son do not see eye-to-eye, and it is as though they speak in different languages. Ahmed is also rather suspicious that his free-spirited sister is back from her travels in Europe to ensure she gets a nice chunk of the inheritance. Suddenly, Ahmed's ex-wife sues to deny him visitation rights, claiming she doesn't want her son to see his grandfather dying slowly.

Directed and written by Humaid Alsuwaidi, Musk stars Mohammed Ahmed, Suhail Aljneibi, Dhaen Juma, and Manahel Alawadi. The film is distributed worldwide by MAD Solutions.
Born in Abu Dhabi, Humaid Alsuwaidi is an Emirati screenwriter, director and producer. After working in a traditional office job for a few years, he enrolled in the New York Film Academy in 2010. Upon graduation, he worked on a number of short films, both on set and in post-production. Abdullah (2015), his directorial debut, had its premiere at the Dubai International Film Festival.