Rags and Tatters Filmmakers Attend Screenings at Abu Dhabi Film Festival

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Asser Yassin, Mohamed Hefzy and Ahmed Abdallah

Rags and Tatters Filmmakers Attend Screenings at Abu Dhabi Film Festival

Filmmakers of Rags and Tatters are heading to Abu Dhabi to attend the film screenings at the 7th Abu Dhabi Film Festival which runs from October 24th and November 2nd, 2013.

With the presence of the film stars, including Director Ahmed Abdallah, Asser Yassin, and Producer Mohamed Hefzy, Rags and Tatters screens within the framework of the Narrative Features Competition at Abu Dhabi Film Festival on October 26th and October 27th, 2013.

Written and directed by Ahmed Abdallah, Rags and Tatters unfolds a new experience in Egyptian cinema as the story builds up with minimal dialogue between the characters based on visual narration within a balanced equation of documentation and narration. The film tells the story of a prison inmate who escapes from jail following the incidents that took place on January 28th, 2011, when police forces were withdrawn from the streets and chaos prevailed. The film stars Asser Yassin who plays the leading role of the fugitive inmate who moves in a number of poor alienated Egyptian districts.

Shot on location in Mansheyet Nasser and Old Cairo, Rags an Tatters is produced by Mohamed Hefzy's Film Clinic in co-production with Mashrou', Ahmed Abdallah's new production house formed with Asser Yassin and Producer and Writer Amr Shama, Scriptwriter of After the Battle film.