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Six Films Distributed by MAD Solution at Karama for Human Rights Film Festival (HRFF) in Jordan

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The Healer | Mafak | Night Shift | Abdullah & Leilah | Between Two Seas | Adam

Six Films Distributed by MAD Solution at Karama for Human Rights Film Festival (HRFF) in Jordan

MAD Solutions participates in Karama for Human Rights Film Festival (HRFF) in Jordan (December 5-12) with six films: Between Two Seas by Anas Tolba, Healer by Mohamed Zineddaine, Mafak by Bassam Jarbawi, Night shift by Marc Salameh, Abdullah and Leilah by Ashtar Al Khirsan, and Adam by Mohammed Moradi.
Healer and Mafak will screen in the Best Feature Documentary Film Competition, while Night Shift and Abdullah and Lielah will screen in the Best Short Fiction Competition, and Between Two Seas will screen in the ANHAR Competition.

Established in Amman, Jordan, in 2010, Karama for Human Rights Film Festival (HRFF) aims at shedding light on human rights issues. In celebration of its 10th edition, this year Karama Festival will launch under the theme Generation Karama ¬Ė Think Forward to create a space for young directors who are engaged and committed to human rights and contemporary issues.

About The Healer:
In the outskirts of khourobga, a mining town exploiting phosphates, a 16-year old teenager, Abdou, helpful and caring, simple and down to earth, is anxious to regain the gift of human dignity through learning how to read and write, his adoptive mother Mbarka, the neighbourhood healer, protects her privileged status with ways that the law of obscurantism allow her. Chaa’yba, a 30-year old guy, uncontrollable and ferociously cynical, is an eccentric pickpocket. Suffering from skin disease, Abdou convinces him to come see Mbarka in order to get treatment for it: that’s how the fate of those three will entangle.
Screening Time:
Tuesday, 10 December, at 6:00 PM

About Between Two Seas
While on a short visit to her home village, a small rural island near Cairo, Zahra's daughter is exposed to a tragic accident. Following this incident, Zahra persists on getting her daughter's right and insists on not only continuing her education but also benefiting her community. The film sheds light on different societal issues faced by women, especially in rural areas.
Screening Time:
Monday, 9 December, at 5:00 PM

About Mafak
It follows Young Ziad who is imprisoned on the heels of an act of revenge assassinating an Israeli settler who shot his best friend dead. Released 15 years later, Ziad is trying to pick up his life, suffering from some form of PTSD, and hitches a ride that will return him to a more familiar life.
Screening Time:
Wednesday, 11 December, at 6:00 PM

About Nightshift
The events of Nightshift revolve around a factory guard who suffers from permanent short memory, which makes him record what is required of him immediately to remember. However, his life is disturbed when he hears of the kidnapping of the factory owner's daughter. His Nightshift is turned upside down after this news.
Screening Time:
Monday, 9 December, at 9:00 PM

About Abdullah and Lielah:
Haunted by memories of his childhood in Baghdad, Abdullah suffers from dementia and struggles to communicate with his daughter, Leilah. As his mind wavers between his past and his unfamiliar present, he no longer remembers the life he has lived in London for the past 60 years or the fluent English he has spoken. Leilah, who only speaks English, needs one last moment of connection with her father before she also fades from his memory.
Screening Time:
Wednesday, 11 December, at 5:00 PM

About Adam:
A little boy named Adam tries to convince his friend that his father is not a liar. The film won the Bronze Award at the Damascus Cinema Days, Syria, and the Special Jury Award at the Youth Cinema and Short Films Festival, Syria.
Screening time:
Saturday, 7 December, at 6:00 PM