The Producers Turns Afezyaa into a Four-Episode TV Series

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For the First Time in the Arab World

The Producers Turns Afezyaa into a Four-Episode TV Series

Determined to carry on with its plan of turning successful Arab literary works into films and TV series, Producer and Managing Director of The Producers, Hani Osama, revealed that the company has acquired the TV adaptation rights to writer Khaled Zidane's novel Afezyaa, which will be turned into a long four-episode TV series, the first of its kind in the Arab world. The project is currently in the scriptwriting phase.

Commenting on this step, Osama said, "When I first read Afezyaa, I saw the potential to adapt it into a TV series. These possibilities will not be enough for one film. If it is turned into a long TV series, it will not be as intense as it should be portrayed. Hence, the idea of turning the novel into a series consisting of 4 long episodes, each of which will last for about an hour and a half, in order to optimize the potential of the novel."

Afezyaa (when the dead tell the story of the living) is a novel that sheds light on the human being and destiny, by telling the story of an Aquarius woman and a Gemini man whose lives take a turning point they could not imagine. Khaled Zidane is a young Egyptian novelist who gained fame after his best-selling first novel Afezyaa, Khaled is currently a university lecturer.

The Producers is a pioneer production company in turning successful novels into TV series and films. The Producers turned Mohamed Sadek's best-selling book Hepta into the highest-grossing romantic film in the history of Egyptian cinema, Hepta: The Last Lecture, as the film's revenues reached more than 27 million EGP and reaped more than 20 awards. The company also has turned writer Noor Abdulmajeed's novel-duology Ana Shahira and Ana El Kha'en into a TV series that is airing now on TV. Most recently, The Producers has announced its acquisition of the rights to adapt Nabil Farouk's novel Man of the Impossible into film and TV productions start with Adham Sabry film by director Marwan Hamed.

Through The Producers, Hani Osama co-produced Excuse My French, which starred a number of children, the thriller Warda, the first Egyptian feature created in the found-footage style, Before the Summer Crowds, the last film by the great Egyptian director Mohamed Khan, and Sheikh Jackson by director Amr Salama, Egypt's official submission to the 2018 Academy Award for Best Foreign-Language Film that made about seven million EGP in ticket sales so far. The company's TV productions include the TV series A'ard Khas and Zarf Aswad, along with Seventh Neighbor that is airing now on TV. The series is directed by three young female directors for the first time in the Arab world. Currently, Osama is working with Cairokee rock band on a new project that will start with producing a musical film. In addition to films and TV series, Osama also produced a number of TV commercials for some of the most famous trademarks in the Arab world.